Coaching Calls
Coaching Calls With Casey
  • One on One Interaction Directly With Casey
  • ​Suggestions & Advice on All Things Tax Sale Related
  • Objective Opinions on Your Specific Situation
  • ​Assistance Overcoming Obstacles
  • ​Help Setting Up Game Plans
  • ​Growth Strategies
  • ​. . . any way Casey can best serve!
Priced at $400/hour
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  What happens after I book?
Once you make payment you'll be taken to a questionnaire page.  Please be sure you complete this accurately and thoroughly.  It will save us a good amount of time once we jump on a call together.   After you complete it you'll be redirected to a scheduling app.  From there you will be able to select your preferred time slot.  Then on the day of the call Casey will contact you on the number you provide.
  When can I schedule my call?
After payment you'll be provided available time slots.  We are available for calls Monday through Friday during specific hours depending on prior commitments. Our calendar allows scheduling up to three weeks in advance and all calls must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance.  Most of the time there will be an available time slot within one week.  In rare circumstances, such as travel or holiday seasons, it might take up to two weeks. If you're unable to find a suitable time slot, please email us within 12 hours of submitting your order and we'll gladly refund you.
  How much time should I book?
It's completely up to you! We offer calls in 15 minute increments up to one hour.   In a fifteen minute call you can expect a brief conversation and answers to specific questions or assistance with specific objectives.  A one hour call will allow us to dive into and dissect your business and allow sufficient time for productive discussion and suggestions.

We limit all calls to an hour as it's difficult to process much more information in such a short period of time.  If additional calls are needed we take great notes on our conversations and can continue where we left off from the previous call.
  Can I talk to Casey for Free?
Unfortunately, no.  Casey created The Tax Sale Academy as his all inclusive training platform and there is a wealth of information inside. Additionally, he regularly answers questions by members via email and nonmembers through his social platforms.  It would be counter productive for the academy and wouldn't be fair to Casey and his business for him to be on the phone all day without compensation.
  What can we discuss?
Anything you want! But it should probably be related to tax sale investing!  Please be sure to complete the questionnaire so that we understand your objectives for the conversation.  Please also understand that we do not discuss specific deals or properties as there are too many variables for us to provide accurate suggestions.
  Do I speak to Casey or someone on his staff?
You will speak directly with Casey.
  Do academy members receive a discount?
Yes, current academy members receive a discount of 50% off the standard rates.  The current promo code is listed under the "Coaching Calls" tab in your member platform.  If you're interested in joining, please click here.
  Is there a limit on the numbers of calls we can have?
Yes!  Coaching calls are to be supplemental only and are limited to three calls (of any length) before a mentorship is required. The Tax Sale Academy is the primary tool for learning and is what we spend the majority of our resources teaching through.  If you're a Tax Sale Academy member, we HIGHLY suggest you complete the entire academy and all ancillary trainings before scheduling a call.
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