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Who Is Casey Denman?
Casey Denman is a 17+ year real estate veteran and is known as the leading expert for tax defaulted real estate.  He has taught thousands of students throughout the world on the strategies of investing in tax defaulted real estate, including both tax liens and tax deeds.
About Casey Denman
In 2002, at age 18, Casey became one of the youngest licensed real estate agents in the state of Florida and began pursuing a career selling real estate just after high school. By 20, he obtained his brokers license to meet the legal requirements to open his own brokerage. Soon after getting into real estate his focus transitioned from brokering real estate to investing in real estate and he has been doing so for the past seventeen years.

As an investor, Casey has extensive experience investing in tax defaulted real estate, including tax liens and deeds.  He has held an interest in more than 1,000 properties across close to a dozen states.  In 2011 he launched The Tax Sale Academy which leverages this experience to train and mentor beginning tax sale investors on the principles and strategies behind investing in tax defaulted real estate and he quickly became known as the leading tax sale expert and trainer.

In 2018, he published The Tax Sale Playbook & started The Tax Sale Podcast, the top rated tax sale investing related Podcast show.  He has produced more Tax Sale Training content than anyone in the world, with much of it available on his YouTube channel where he has taught thousands and garners more than half a million video views.

In addition to his extensive real estate experience he also has valuable experience in a variety of other business niches including product creation, imports, retail stores and, most notably, growing a shirt brand from concept into a multi-million dollar company in less than 3 years.

When Casey's not working he enjoys an active lifestyle that includes working out, traveling, aviation, frequent mountain trips, the outdoors, time spent with his friends & family, and most importantly, his five year old son Mason.
The Tax Sale Academy
The Most Comprehensive Step by Step Training Course On The Planet
When Casey entered the tax sale investment arena in 2002, there were no podcasts, courses or relevant books to ease the learning curve.  Instead, it was dealt with through years of trial and error.  At the suggestion of a few friends he had trained, he launched The Tax Sale Academy in 2011 and has been expanding it ever since. Students from as far away as Hong Kong have learned through The Academy and its' trainings have produced countless success stories.
The Tax Sale Playbook
The Ultimate Guide to Buying & Selling Tax Defaulted Real Estate
If  you're looking to learn about investing in Tax Defaulted Real Estate, including both tax deeds and tax liens, The Tax Sale Playbook is a tremendous starting point.  This book is filled with useful, real world trainings based on Casey's in depth experience in a multitude of markets.  After learning the process behind investing in tax defaulted real estate, the book concludes with a few entertaining stories Casey has been involved with over the years.
Tax Sale Academy YouTube
600+ Completely Free Tax Sale Training Videos
Launched in 2012, Casey's YouTube channel is the longest running active YouTube channel for Tax Sale Investors.  New training videos are posted 2-4 times per week and it's an incredibly informative and helpful resource for both beginning and veteran tax sale investors. At present, his channel garners more than half a million video views.
The Tax Sale Podcast
The Top Rated Tax Sale Investing Podcast Show
This twice weekly podcast show teaches listeners the ins and outs of investing in tax defaulted real estate. A Monday episode typically features a topic or strategy that is explained in depth in an 8-20 minute segment.  The week is wrapped up with an abbreviated Friday edition on one specific topic that is usually 4-6 minutes long.  The Tax Sale Podcast is the top rated Tax Sale Investing Podcast show, has listeners in 49 countries and is available on ten podcast platforms, including iTunes, Spotify and Stitcher.
OTC Class
Over The Counter Specific Tax Sale Investing Class
After launching The Tax Sale Academy and operating it for a number of years, Casey realized that their was a gap in the market for Over The Counter investors.  OTC investing is a process of buying and profiting from unsold tax liens and deeds, which is done so by using specialized tactics taught in OTC Class.  OTC Class is not actively accepting new students and new registration is through a Wait List process only.
Casey's firm belief is that most investors/students will find the trainings above most useful and cost efficient.  However, in specific situations a more personalized approach could be necessary.
One on One Coaching Calls
  • Private one on one coaching telephone call.
  • Ideal for specific questions/topics, suggestions, etc.
  • Scheduled 48 hours to Two Weeks in advance.
* Billed in 15 minute prescheduled increments. Prices subject to change.
 Limit of six calls per person, per year before mentorship is required.
One Year Coaching Mentorship
  • Bi Weekly Coaching Calls Over a 12 Month Period
  • Keeps you on track and pushes you towards success.
  • Locked in Hourly Rates & includes 12 month academy access.
One Day In Person Training
  • One day of in person one on one intensive training.
  • Customized curriculum based on student.
  • Eight hour training including lifetime academy access.
* Plus first class airfare accommodations. Limited to continental US only.
Group Training
  • Teaching session for up to 6 attendees.
  • Topics are semi-customizable and include Q&A.
  • Six hour training session.
* Plus first class airfare & hotel accommodations. Limited to continental US only.
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